Hello wonderful coach.  Is there something you’ve been procrastinating on?   It could be,, maybe marketing,,, maybe writing those blog posts,,, or doing those videos, maybe it sales and following up with someone.  Or maybe you’ve just been procrastinating on de-cluttering your office.  Whatever it is, I’m going to talk to you today about an antidote to procrastination that I found works really well for me and for others around me.

First, I want to tell you a little story.  My mother is one of the most organize people in her house.  Who would ever know?  She knows how to do everything and make everything just perfect.  And whenever I wanted to clear up my closet, which was just a big job for me, I would have her come over and help me.  The funny thing is, like she would say, “Okay, if you haven’t worn this in a year or two, give it to Goodwill, give it to the Salvation Army.”  And it was kind of funny because she helped me in this way… because I wasn’t like, thinking about things while we did it.  And then, it didn’t take me a long time.  So just having somebody who was really good at what I didn’t want do, be with me, really helped me with my procrastination of that thing, that closet cleaning.

So to apply this to our business, what we can do, and I’ve done these in the past, is have implementation days.  Now, by days I mean setting aside a time where you are going to get something done; where you have a goal and have at least one partner, if not more.  You could have a buddy doing implementation day with you.  You could have your coach do an implementation day with you.  And those are two different things.  You’ll get stuff done.  But if you use your coach, you’ll actually have more mentoring, more help getting unstuck than you might have with someone that is on your same level.

Really, in real time, get. it. done.

So here’s how it works.  You get together on the phone for, let’s just say planning for a three hour block of time.  You get together on the phone at the top of the first hour, and you do some kind of a connection, visualization, something to bring you into your most inspired state.  And then each of you or everyone on the phone can say what they want to get accomplish.  Now, some people can just go off and accomplished that on their own.  Others might need a little help, which is where it’s really nice to have a coach or even a team on the phone to help you.  And if you’re a little stuck on how to start, you can ask a few questions and then go off and do something! really, in real time, get. it. done.

The top of the next hour, you come back on the line and you’re all together again.  You acknowledge your successes and anyone who got stuck or who needs help for the next hour gets a chance to get that kind of help. So then you go off for that next hour and get something done.  At the end of that second hour, you can come back.  Usually I do these for about three hours because that’s my attention span.  You can actually do them for a day if you have the time and the inclination.

So these implementation days give you a chance to take all the things you’ve learned and look at the things maybe you’ve been putting off and do them with a group of others.   It really makes a huge difference.  At the end of an implementation day, I always feel so much better because of the energy of being able to just .. check something off my list!  And I got it done 🙂

So in our coaching success club we’re actually having a new implementation day coming up.  If this is something that you want to participate in, as a client, then join our coaching success club.  Participate in the day and see if it’s something you want to offer your own clients.  Because you actually could do that, very easily, for your own clients.  Offer them a day where as a group they come on the line.  You’re going to be there.  You’re going to help them. Now on our implementation day for the coaching success club, we’re going to have members of the team there.  So there will be more depth on the bench, but actually it doesn’t really matter.  What really matters is that you’re there.  You help people get stuff done.  And that they will be acknowledged when that’s done.

So if you’d like to offer implementation days as an antidote to the procrastination, it’s a great idea.  If you like to participate in ours, just go to http://www.coachingsuccessclub.com/ and register for the program.  There’re so many other things in the program!  The implementation day is just one part of it.  Think about what you’d like to get done, because you will.  That’s my tip for today on how to get stuff implemented easily in community and feel really good about yourself in the process.  Wishing you lots of love and great joy!