Karen answers many questions including, "How did you get to be a mentor coach?"

I am passionate about supporting new coaches to develop successful coaching practices with ease and joy. I'd like to tell you a little about me and what led to this "calling" of supporting you in developing your coaching practice with ease and joy.

My life has always been lived by synchronicity. Even though I did not know it at the time, there were so many events leading up to my being a coach. Like most coaches, I have always had a fascination with the stories of others, and have loved to listen to people.

I can still remember my first unofficial coaching engagement, and that was in the early 1980’s. I was working at a university in Missouri as a residence hall director, and I also helped out with youth retreats at the Newman Center. One day, the director called me at my office and asked if I would help him get organized. I was only 23 years old.

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At that tender young age, I was responsible for a residence hall of 650 students and 13 staff members. I had to be very organized! Anyway, that's why he asked me to help him. I did meet with him for breakfast each week for about a year, and we went over his calendar and appointments. And he got more organized and was able to help more people.

What I did then was coaching, although I never called it that. And that has been true of much of what I have done in my life - this feeling of having a purpose in supporting others to achieve their dreams, their goals, what has been truly important to them.

My friends always asked for my advice before making decisions. I had (and still do have) what I called a 'strong intuition.' If someone would tell me three or four options that they were considering, somehow, I could tell which one would really work out well for them. Time and time again, I was able to listen to another, hear which choices were important to that person, and support them to pursue those choices.

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Just before I came into coaching, I was working in Estate Planning, helping high net worth individuals prepare for retirement and leaving a legacy. I was working over 60 hours per week. I was successful. I dressed in business attire every day. I qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in my second year. I was making good money. I knew how to have success by working hard. And I was exhausted.

I was also very interested in self-development at that time. I would hang out with a medicine woman on the weekends, and we would do healing ceremonies. This is back in the early 1990’s, when Young Living Essential oils still came in cardboard boxes.

I read every self-improvement book I could get my hands on. I listened to Scott Peck, Carolyn Myss, and Wayne Dyer’s cassette tapes as I was driving around in my car. I took meditation classes.

My day job and my weekend interests were very separate in my mind. Oh, there were lots of times that my co-workers asked for my advice on life matters. And my weekend friends sought my opinion on business matters. But in my mind, there was a very clear separation between my self-development and my job.

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I wanted that to change. I wished I could go to work each day and be who I really was. I wanted to wake up without an alarm, and wear comfy clothes to work, and really help people from my heart and soul. Especially that.

I was burnt out. I was exhausted. I wanted success. But I wanted it with ease and joy, not with hard work and serious effort. I was not sure that I could have both. In fact, I was afraid that I could not.

In the fall of 2001, I left my 60+ hour per week Estate Planning job, exhausted, with no definite plans for the future. I decided to take the last quarter of the year to get my life in order, to clear out every drawer and closet in my home, and figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. In the middle of this 'sabbatical' I got a call from one of my friends.

My friend called me and said, "You are a coach! You've been coaching us all for so many years, you just need to get formally trained." And when she said this, something inside me opened up, and I knew that what she said was right for me. The interesting point about this friend is that earlier that year, she had mentioned that she learned more about herself from having one dinner with me than she had during her week at the Deepak Chopra Center! That really got my attention.

And the rest is history. I looked on the ICF website, and at that time there were 24 accredited coach training schools. I picked the one that said "spiritual coaching." I wanted a profession that would nurture my soul as well as my mind. I faxed in my registration (in those days we did not register through the website) on Thanksgiving day.

I began my coach training in 2002. I was on fire, and started coaching entrepreneurs that I had worked with in the Estate Planning field: lawyers, accountants, financial planners. Because of my previous successes and my excitement about coaching, I had 8 paying clients in my first month of coaching.

By September, I had accumulated 250 hours, enough to apply for my ACC (it took 2.5 times more hours to get the ACC in 2002 as it does today). While other coaches who were trained with me were getting their websites and business cards designed, I was coaching.

At the ICF Conference that year, one of my colleagues approached me and asked me if I would coach a group of new coaches, as I had been so successful at getting started. That is when I say I received my true niche: coaching coaches on their practice development. All of these coaches came from spiritual coach training background, so we utilized these principles in growing their practices. I found out that I loved that conversation and had a knack for helping coaches get started.

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Today, I am a six-figure coach. I live in one of the most prestigious areas in Tucson. Arizona. I belong to the country club. I wake up without an alarm each day and wear comfy clothes to work. I laugh a lot many times in a day. I help lots of people achieve their dreams. My life is integrated. I get to be myself in both my personal and professional lives. This is the beauty of being a coach.

Who are your clients?

I work with new coaches who are in the first 3-5 years of their businesses. I have a VIP group of 1-1 clients, work with groups through the www.10kplatinumgroup.com with my business partner Carolyn Coradeschi, and have products that support new coaches in getting into momentum and getting clients.

How are you different from other mentor coaches?

I love helping new coaches develop their businesses using spiritual principles. I have done this myself, and worked with thousands of new coaches since 2002. Other mentor coaches support coaches with business development or spiritual coaching. My clients love the blend of spirituality and business development, and know that the two are intimately related.

What type of new coach is the best fit for working with you?

Although every coach is a truly unique individual, there are many commonalities among us. See if you recognize yourself in any of the following.

You left your six-figure job (or your very secure, predictable income) to pursue your dream of being a coach and making a contribution to the world. Now you are wondering how long it will really take to replace that income and security. You have jumped into the deep end of the pool, knowing that you could swim, and are now treading water more often than you thought you would.

You know that it's possible to create your business by being totally authentic, yet you are not sure how to do this. As a coach, you understand that you are innately resourceful and have all of your answers. Yet your mind keeps leaning toward taking the advice of others and following proscribed paths for promoting your business. This leaves you going back and forth between the two and feeling confused and maybe even a bit out of integrity.

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You wonder if it is really possible to create a successful coaching practice with ease and joy. You have created through hard work and 'type A' actions in the past and have been very successful at that. Now you want to create as successfully through 'flow' instead of 'force.' Only the results are not coming to you in the ways that you know are possible.

You want to focus on what is working and enjoy the journey of developing your practice. Yet the learning curve feels steep and the investments of time and money are high. You know that enjoying the journey will bring you the results you want. Yet it is difficult to enjoy the journey at this point, and it makes you nervous that you may mess up your creation if you don't.

You know that you are in the world to make a large contribution and improve the lives of others. Yet you find yourself struggling to support your business instead of allowing your business to support you. You are spending more time doing the things you don't want to do (promoting your business) and less time doing the work you love (coaching).

If you resonate with any of the above, you have common characteristics of many of my clients and I can help you. Now let's look at another way of discerning ahead of time if coaching with me will really work for you.

It will work, if you have these values-

  • You are ready to create through spiritual principles. You know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and you want to tap into your wisdom in a deeper way.
  • You are committed to your self-development. You understand that true generosity and service come from your self-care and self-love. You are willing to clear out any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors that come up in the coaching process.
  • You take responsibility for yourself. You truly believe that 'when you serve yourself, you serve the world.' You know that you create your own reality, and you want to learn how to create more deliberately.
  • You are open to learning. You see each interaction in your life as an opportunity for learning, and welcome new and innovative ways to tap into your creative juices.

What exactly are the steps to build my coaching business with ease and joy?

Creating your successful coaching practice with ease and joy requires courage!

As we look into how this works, I want to begin by acknowledging you for knowing that this can be done and for exploring how you can receive support with this goal!

Embarking on the journey of becoming a professional coach invites our most courageous selves to come to the surface. Professional coaches are in the business of supporting others through personal transformation. As you begin to embrace your identity as a coach, you are engaging in your own personal transformation. This means that there will be a time of clearing out some of your old ways of thinking and limiting behavior patterns.

In the past, you may have done your clearing through processes and weekend intensives that had you facing your demons and conquering your fears. This kind of process work produces profound results, and has led you to become the person that you are now. I personally feel deep appreciation for the healing that occurred for me over the years before I found coaching.

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However, there is another gentler, kinder, easier way to release your limiting beliefs and melt away your fears, and that is the basis for the process we will go through to create your highly successful coaching practice with ease and joy. Using this process, you can enjoy the journey as well as the results!

There are four inner steps to create a highly successful coaching practice with ease and joy. They are-

  1. Learn your truest identity. Find out who you really are in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul. Once you become aware of your truest self, your own internal process for inspiration will become clear. Then you can tap into your true self and your inspiration at any time.
  2. Know how to radiate your true self. Once you have learned how to tap into your most genuine state of being, or your true self, the next step is to radiate this out through your energy, enthusiasm, and passion. When you are radiating your true self, the law of attraction takes over and brings you momentum and synchronicities that you may never have dreamed possible.
  3. Create an inspired action plan. When you are radiating your true self, in addition to receiving synchronicities, you will also want to take actions (remember the 'both/and'). When you have access to your true self, the inspired actions will be very obvious to you. They may be actions that others are taking in similar situations or they may not.Creating an inspired action plan will allow you to know which actions will bring ease and joy, and are in complete integrity with you. It also helps you weed out those actions that you are not in alignment with so that you do not waste your time with unproductive actions. That's the thing about uninspired actions - they seem like a good idea at the time, and yet they never quite worked as well as I thought they would.
  4. Acknowledge your successes in taking the actions that nourish your heart and soul. As you implement your inspired action plan and acknowledge your successes, they will naturally expand. You will watch your business grow at an accelerated pace simply by focusing on what is working well and attracting more of that.

These four inner steps look deceptively simple, and yet they have been the basis for some of the most profound self-development ever. It takes a very strong spirit to acknowledge successes and to allow them to expand in the face of years of other habits. That's where the coaching process comes in. The coaching relationship allows you to implement these steps and experience the ease and joy that come with developing your successful practice.

When you understand yourself deeply and are able to translate that understanding into the proper actions in your business, you experience ease. Ease is the feeling of peace which accompanies a deep inner knowing that 'all is well.' Ease does not necessarily mean easy, as there are some actions that you may be guided to take that are a stretch for you. It does mean that you are in alignment with those actions and you know that they are appropriate for you.

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When you notice the successes that begin to build up as you express your true self in action, you experience joy. Joy comes in many ways. You may feel joy in the attraction of new clients, the synchronicities of promotional opportunities that are really aligned with you, or the exhilaration of knowing that you really made a difference in someone's life. Through the coaching process you will learn how to enjoy every aspect of your coaching practice.

What results can I expect?

Together, we will:

  • Make the most important decision you will ever need to make for your coaching practice that will allow everything else you do to be done with ease, joy and effectiveness.
  • Clearly articulate the process and benefits of your coaching so your prospective clients completely "get it" and seek you out to work with you.
  • Craft lucrative, valuable offers that clients will easily say 'yes' to.
  • Implement an effortless enrollment process that inspires prospective clients to work with you, and helps them get past hesitations and fears that have kept them from achieving their dreams.
  • Bring all of your talents, gifts, values and purpose together in a way that has you very well-paid for what you do naturally.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, that’s a great idea! Please feel free to contact anyone who has written a testimonial on this site or in my ezine. See which ones you are drawn to, and send them an email or call them directly. You may even make a new friend!

How quickly can I expect results?

How quickly would you like them? You control the timing. Together, we will determine your most creative ideas, and the easiest path to your full coaching practice. The rest is about how willing you are to implement the inspired actions we come up with, find what works for you and do more of it. The majority of my clients see results in the first month.

How can I recover the investment I put into this coaching program?

First of all, you must have the mindset that whatever you spend for your coaching will be an investment, not an expense. When you look at it as an investment, your mind will form ideas to give you a return on your investment.

Be very committed to taking inspired actions to move forward in your business. We will determine what the actions are that are coming from your heart and soul. And then it is up to you to do them, with my support. We will focus on doing these inspired actions consistently and mindfully.

Having a mentor coach, instead of doing it on your own or working solely with a peer coach, will definitely shorten the lead time of acquiring clients. You will also receive many insights from my years of experience and relevant resources that will decrease what you would spend for programs and systems that will not work properly for you.

Karen, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to work with. What are my options for getting started with you?

I would love to work with you! Send an email to support@karencappello.com and we will be in touch.


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