Money Mojo Magic SheetMagnificent Coach ,

Today I’d like to share a very simple yet powerful resource with you that I use with my VIP clients.  It’s a weekly tracking spreadsheet.  We call it the Money Magic sheet, and I am including a copy below with actual numbers on it that one of my magnificent clients tracked in July.  Used with her permission, of course.

There are 4 different numbers to track each week: total hours worked, intro calls, new clients, and weekly income.  

We track the total hours worked, as there is a tendency for entrepreneurs to work more hours than we realize.  It’s okay to consciously work extra hours in certain weeks when we are really on a roll.  We just want to know what those hours are, so we can make sure to tend to our self-care.

We track intro calls (or enrollment conversations), as these are the closest to bringing in income, which makes our coaching a business, not a hobby. This particular client has committed to having at least 5 enrollment conversations per week, and as you can see, she achieved her goal.

New clients are tracked, as they are a cause for celebration.

And income is tracked, as it is a cause for celebration, too.  Remember, whatever we focus on will expand, so for these last 2 categories, it’s great to focus on these numbers.  

I’m very proud of my client, who had a 5-figure month in July!




I hope you enjoy this resource.  It’s super easy to put into practice in your own coaching business.  

I have attached an excel spreadsheet template to this email with the columns at the top for your convenience in getting started.  You can click here to access.