Go green hands collaborative treeYou already know that you need to have multiple streams of income to make your coaching business grow. You want to expand your core message to serve more people in less time. And you want to multiply your revenue, while still offering a high quality coaching experience. Most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, so it is natural to wonder about how to use your coaching skills in a group setting. If you have questions about group coaching, you are not alone. When I began my coaching practice, I wanted to add this powerful offering to my repertoire and did not know exactly how to do this. So I set out to learn how to create the most amazing group experience ever!

I’m so excited to share the six-step model of group coaching that has supported countless coaches over the years and helped them get their core message out in a bigger way.

The Soul

The soul of a coaching group consists of creating a sacred and safe environment for the growth and transformation of the participants. The first two steps are about forming the soul of the group. Every group has a different style, a different soul, and different intentions for learning. Creating a container where these can be honored and held true is the foundation of group coaching.

Step 1. Connection

In this step, the coach facilitates the connection with the participants, and helps them to bring their full presence to the group experience.

Step 2. Group Agreements

In the second step, the group agrees to a set of guidelines that they will follow when interacting and communicating with each other. The guidelines will be agreed upon by every participant. It’s a good idea to have a draft of guidelines available for participants as a starting point, to be added to or amended.

The Heart

The heart of a coaching group is the part where the heart of transformation occurs. This is the part that takes the most time, where the participants share their challenges and receive coaching and insights. Depending on the group meeting and the agenda for a given group meeting, steps 3 and 4 can be done in either order.

Step 3. Content

In the third step of a coaching group, the coach provides thought-provoking questions or jumping off points that are related to the group theme. This allows the participants to share their perspectives with the group.

Step 4. Coaching

In step 4, the participants are given an opportunity to share their challenges, any confusion or limiting beliefs, and be coached around them. The coaching occurs one participant at a time, with everyone else in the group holding the space for the one being coached.

The Mind

Once the group participants have accessed their souls and hearts, the mind is accessed for inspiration toward action. Like all coaching, the purpose of the group is to act upon new insights and create positive change and growth in their lives. Specific actions and accountability will allow this to occur.

Step 5. Ideas for Actions

In the fifth step, specific requests and/or reflection questions are made of the participants. These requests can be for a particular learner, such as the one being coached; or they can be made for the whole group, if that is appropriate.

Step 6. Inspiration

The last step in the group meeting is self-acknowledgment or acknowledgment of the learning. In reflecting on their learning, the participants are able to anchor any insights they have received, and the coach is able to create the next group agenda with this in mind.

If you haven’t already guessed, when you approach group coaching from the perspective of the Soul, and the Heart, and the Mind, you will also undergo a transformation by using your spiritual gifts to grow your coaching business.

Karen Cappello is what Malcolm Gladwell calls an “outlier” in Group Coaching. Coach Karen has spent over 10K hours in the past ten years learning about, being trained on, and conducting group coaching and facilitation. Karen Cappello offers a Group Coaching Practicum and Certification for coaches wanting to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients…with a spiritual foundation. Coach Karen truly enjoys connecting with other coaches on Facebook and Twitter!