I want to share in illustration with you. A few years ago I was a keynote speaker for a conference that was happening in Venice, Italy. We made reservations at the Westin hotel right on the Grand Canal just five minutes from Saint Mark’s Square. We flew over business class. It was such a lovely trip.  And we had two days in Venice that were very different. 

The first day we were out on the patio at our hotel and right across the canal there was this beautiful 16th century church, Santa Maria della Salute. It was gorgeous and we wanted to go see it.  Our waiter said, “Oh, it’s only a 10 minute walk”. We thought, “Well, let’s explore. Let’s go over and see the church.” We started walking. I had my phone for GPS. The cobblestone streets were very uneven so we had to watch where we were walking. There were walking bridges that were just filled with people. It was hot and humid, and we weren’t used to that. Needless to say 40 minutes later – maybe more –  we got to this church. We were exhausted by that time. The church was air conditioned and it was beautiful & totally worth doing 🙂  

Contrast that with the next day. One of my coaching colleagues came to take us around and she walked us over to Saint Mark’s Square. We did some shopping. We bought beautiful murano bracelets and Italian scarves. We had a friend of ours who requested a rosary from Saint Mark’s, so we bought one for her with a Star of Venice. With my coaching colleague as our guide who spoke the language and knew where to go it was all so…  fun. We had fun & joy. We didn’t have to concentrate. We could just allow her to guide us. 

And that’s the difference, to me, between having a coach and not having a coach. When you have a coach it’s like our second day in Venice where we were taken around and where things get done in 25% of the time that they would have gotten done before. It was just so easy nd we enjoyed ourselves so much. 

Having a coach is like having that person that knows the way, who can lead you through those cobblestone streets and into that alley (that is really a thoroughfare but looks like a dead end)… places that you don’t know how to get to. And of course, there is that thing, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Your guide knows what you don’t know. To have confidence to navigate properly, having a coach is the quickest easiest way to get to your prosperous coaching business.

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