Coaching programs offer tremendous potential to business leaders of all kinds, and the coaches who lead these businesses offer extensive industry-specific experience and a depth of knowledge few others can match.

Getting a new coaching business off the ground can be a fantastic opportunity for any accomplished professional looking for a way to impart past experience and industry knowledge to a new generation of business leaders.

For those who truly care about the ones they coach, the right coaching success program can help cultivate stronger relationships with clients, teach coaches how to express their ideas and lessons more impactfully, and inspire experienced coaches to create training programs that can reshape whole industries.

The new Quick Start Intensive Coaching Program created and delivered by master coach Karen Cappello, is designed to accomplish these goals and help coaches of all experience levels refine their strategies for more successful coaching businesses.

Karen has recently launched her newest offering aimed at helping aspiring coaches grow their businesses and connect with their clients more deeply. The QuickStart Intensive Coaching Program offers an introduction to a wide variety oftools, tactics, and techniques for creating more effective coaching programsand helping clients realize their full potential in any industry.

What Is the Quick Start Intensive Complete Coaching Success Program?

Karen’s new 12-week Coaching Success Program helps new and experienced coaches alike secure more clients, develop more robust training programs, and connect with their core audiences on deeper, more meaningful levels.

Karen’s 20 years of experience in coaching added to 30 years in business, are in full display during this intensive training program that helps coaches realize the full potential of their business strategies and to develop new strategies aimed at creating memorable, valuable brands. Karen worked for many years in professional coaching but soon learned the many issues facing successful but stressed coaches.

She explains:

“I loved coaching but many of the coaches around me were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to build their own coaching businesses. I set out to help them.”
-Karen Cappello, MCC

The Quick Start Intensive has already earned incredible praise from happy clients across many different industries:

“Karen’s warmth, authenticity, enthusiasm, intuition and knowledge shines with brightness. I have personally been through several coaching programs and invested thousands of dollars. QSI has been one of the best investments I have made to date with just shy of 4X ROI.”

Salimah Mamdani

Toronto, ON, Canada

“With Karen’s programs, both her membership program and the Quick Start Intensive, there are actionable items that stick. I can say what I’m doing differently, I can measure the growth in my business from a year before when I wasn’t doing the program to when I was doing it.”

Sandra Clark

San Jose, California

This new program teaches coaches of all kinds how to work smarter, not harder, and to grow their businesses at the ideal pace to achieve life goals. Balancing professional success with personal enjoyment is a cornerstone of a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Karen helps her clients achieve this balance, realize their professional goals, and meet their coaching business growth goals with the new Quick Start Intensive Coaching Success Program.

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