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Karen Cappello

I Help Coaches Get Unstuck, Simplify their Marketing, Client Getting, and Service and Find the Momentum their Businesses Are Missing.

Is it getting harder to find coaching clients?

Are you not as excited about working with the clients you have?

Are you putting in more time, more hours, more effort serving clients…

…but, your business still doesn’t have much to show for it?

If you’re a coach and you’re not bringing in enough clients right now…

Maybe second guessing your marketing, who you’re working with, or how much time you’re spending in your business…

I’d like to help.

I’ve been an executive coach for 20+ years now, and for the past few years, I’ve devoted more and more time to helping coaches like you attract clients they are passionate about working with, serve those clients at a high level, and doing it with less work and more freedom.

If You Feel Like You Don’t Have “Momentum” In Your Coaching Business, This Book Will Help You Find It

Do you know what it’s like to be passionate about coaching and the clients you were working with?

Or know what it’s like to be excited to make an impact, eager to help others become the best versions of themselves, and thrilled to see your clients achieve the goals they asked you to help them achieve?

This is what it is like to have “momentum.”

A force driving you forward. Driving your client-getting forward. Propelling your business, fueling your passion, and helping you get incredible results for the people you enjoy working with. And getting enough of those clients so that your business is highly profitable.

That’s what “momentum” is all about. And it’s what really matters!

But, now, you’re finding yourself at a standstill, unsure about where your next client will come from, unsure about how you’re really going to get enough clients, and even second-guessing the future of your coaching business.

You’ve lost your “momentum.” The drive behind your business feels like it’s gone.

And now, getting clients, getting results, and getting the freedom you wanted from your business is more difficult than ever.

Look, you’re not alone! I’ve been an executive coach myself for over 20+ years. In that time, I’ve seen so many different ways of getting clients, serving clients, and running coaching businesses come and go. So, I say this from my own experience (as loud as I can because it would be a HUGE mistake to re-invent everything you’re doing now)…

Before You Start Changing Everything, Trying a New Client-Getting Strategy, or Working With Another Client, Read This:

Over the past few years, I’ve started to help more and more coaches just like you apply the foundational principles that I’ve used for the past 20+ years to get clients, serve those clients at a high level, and keep the momentum in a coaching business going.

What I’ve found is that almost every coach, at some point in their career, hits a rough patch and loses “momentum.”

But, at times like this, if you’re second-guessing marketing, client-getting, or even what you do for clients or who you’re working with, you have to step back BEFORE you change anything and realize this…

• The Exact Marketing Method You Use to Get Clients DOES NOT Matter

• The Technology You Use to Run Your Coaching Business DOES NOT Matter

• The Social Media Platform You Use to Build Your Presence DOES NOT Matter

• The Methods You Use to Connect with Clients DOES NOT Matter

It’s easy for us to get caught up in all of the new marketing tools, client-getting strategies, methods to re-invent everything you’re doing and more.

But, here’s the reality:

In My 20+ Years of Coaching, The Foundational Principles that Drive “Coaching Momentum” Have Stayed The Same.

When you DO end up at a standstill, the answer isn’t to re-invent your entire business, invest in some expensive new marketing campaign or strategy, or completely change everything you’re amazing and passionate about doing.

Instead, you have to get back to the foundational principles that CREATE momentum to begin with!

When I first started my executive coaching business, we didn’t have all of the tools, marketing technologies, social networks, or many of the other distractions that we’re dealing with today.

And, while it’s nice to have all the new technology, and software, and ways of getting clients that we have…

…what I’ve found most coaches are missing is an understanding of the foundational principles that end up driving the momentum in a coaching business.

Get these right? EVERYTHING gets easier, more predictable, and less stressful.

That’s what I’d like to help you discover how to do today.

Getting More “Momentum” As a Coach Starts with these 4 Foundational Principles.

What I’d like to invite you to do right now is to go back to the foundational principles in your business that drive momentum. These are the principles that allowed me to become a successful executive coach and they are the principles I’ve shared with dozens of other coaches I’ve helped get unstuck and grow thriving coaching businesses.

I’ve put these into what I call my “Quick-Start Formula” for getting clients, generating consistent revenue, and getting momentum as a coach.

The principles in this “Quick-Start Formula” are:

• Confidence – Your Coaching Confidence Drives EVERYTHING.

• Context – How to Make Your Coaching IRRESISTIBLE to the Right Clients.

• Conversations – Where the Answers to Most Challenges Actually Are.

• Consistency – The Key to Predicting Revenue and Sustaining Your Impact

Inside my book, Coach Momentum, I’d like to help you rediscover these foundational principles (or discover them for the first time), so you can rebuild a solid foundation for your coaching business that will bring in more clients, help you serve those clients at a higher level, and do it with less work and more freedom.

Inside This Book, I’ll Help You Put These 4 Principles Into A 12-Week Plan To Add More Clients, Revenue, And Momentum To Your Coaching Business With Less Work!

In One Year Of Working With Karen, Rachel Generated Over $1,000,000 In Revenue!

Rachel Schaming, PCC
CEO and Founder of Cringe Moment Conversations

In One Year Of Working With Karen, Rachel Generated Over $1,000,000 In Revenue!

She is working with C-suite leaders on difficult conversations and decisions.

She is taking other coaches, HR consultants, and law firm executives through a certification and licensing process of her program.

Rachel is joyfully helping to make a better world, one “cringe moment conversation” at a time.

Scott Brought In Over
$32,000 In 9 Weeks!

Scott Masciarelli, MCC
Harmonic Leadership Executive Coach and Founder of Clear Insights Coaching

Scott brought in over $32,000 in 9 weeks. He now has a process to produce this quarterly, which can create 6-figure plus revenue in the next year.

He has more confidence and clarity in what he’s doing, working with male leaders to balance their heart and mind. This is his life’s work and he has begun to bring it out into the world. The benefits of this to all are indeed priceless to those in the workplace.

Ghaya Went From Zero In Revenue To Over $61,000 In Six Months Working With Karen.

Ghaya Barwani, PCC
Executive Coach, Life and Career Transition Coach, Corporate and Individual Trainer

Ghaya went from Zero in revenue to over $61,000 in six months working with Karen.

Having recently closed two six-month $15,000 team coaching contracts, (and expecting a $25,000 proposal in the coming months), Ghaya anticipates a positive 6-figure outlook in her coaching business.

Ghaya continues to do amazing work in her Executive Coaching business by helping her clients reach their highest leadership potential and purpose.

129% Growth Since Implementing The Quick-Start Formula – And Still Growing!

Sandra Clark
LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, Founder of LinkedIn Mentoring

Karen’s method gave Sandra a safe space to make mistakes, experiment, and move out of her comfort zone to try new things. Using the Quick-Start Formula, her most recent achievement helped her cross her revenue goal by 129%!

Sandra discovered a spurt of new clients and a growth in revenue since she first started implementing the Quick-Start Formula. Since then, she’s also been able to maintain consistent revenue results every single week.

Using mentoring insights from Karen, Sandra continues to help busy professionals improve their LinkedIn presence, build business relationships, and grow their visibility exponentially.


Coach Momentum

Discover the “Quick-Start” Formula Coaches Are Using To Get More Clients, Better Serve their Clients, Work Less, and Enjoy More Momentum in their Businesses

Order right now and get access to the book and 3 FREE bonuses for just $5: The digital book, the audiobook version, a guided course on how to get high-paying corporate coaching clients that are exciting and rewarding to work with, and the “Million Dollar Coach” interview series.

This Framework Works Especially Well For Coaches Working In Niches Such As:

Business Strategy

Mindset Work

Business Operations

Cross-Cultural Communication

Team Productivity

Business Growth

Marketing & Sales


HR And People Management

Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Tap Into My 20+ Years Of Coaching Experience Inside Coach Momentum:


Each of the 4 parts of my Quick-Start Formula, and how it has helped many of my clients grow a 6-figure coaching business in just 12 weeks…


The critical steps I share in Chapter 7 to guide your clients toward outstanding results. Like the client I helped bring in $1MM in coaching contracts in her first year of coaching, (at 80 years old).


My Progress Tracking System for making high-revenue months predictable, and takes the guesswork out of growing your coaching business forever, (yes, forever)!


How to systematize your marketing so you can preserve your time and energy each week, while bringing a consistent flow of new prospective clients into your business.


How to implement the steps I took so I can meet with coaching clients just 3 days a week…then enjoy nice, long weekends…


My pro tips for content ideas you can use on social media to speak to your audience, start meaningful conversations, and bring your perfect clients into your business…


4 of the most significant challenges you’ll face as a coach, and how to easily overcome them before they even show up…


The valuable lesson your vacuum cleaner can teach you about working effectively to preserve your energy…while taking the right actions to grow your business.


The 4 types of self-care that every coach needs, and how to create your own customized, self-care regimen to exponentially grow your business…


Why the most irresistible offers are always designed to use the “Power of One.” (My advice: don’t spend another minute on tasks like social media or creating your website, until you apply this principle to your offer.)


The “one call close” that isn’t typical – and how many contact points it really takes to make a sale, plus specific follow-up tactics that make it easy to stay consistent…


How to create a balance of energy and strategy. So you can use this approach to establish alignment in your coaching business and shine as your true self, so more ideal clients will come to you and refer you…


Specific weekly actions that help you generate a flow of momentum throughout the 12-week process. (When I followed a plan like the one I share in Chapter 10, my revenue in that quarter doubled, and grew exponentially from there.)


My 12-week action plan designed to help you reach $30,000 – 40,000+ per quarter as quickly as possible, (Chapter 9 for this one).


How to grow your business by having this specific type of conversation with ideal clients. (After discovering this, I created a program from scratch that brought over $20,000 into my business in less than 2 months)…


Why you shouldn’t use a LinkedIn group to find your ideal clients and what I recommend instead, (page 159)… (Yes, you can still use LinkedIn- but discover why I don’t.)


An outline and examples you can use to write compelling Case Studies. So your ideal client can envision the transformation they’ll experience working with you…


How to use “Stealth Marketing” to start growing your coaching business without becoming visible yourself. (I created this approach for coaches who are still employed but interested in promoting coaching services without your employer seeing)…

Are You Ready for a Thriving Coaching Business Filled with Clients You LOVE Working With?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with your coaching business or if you’ve been at it for a few years now and you’ve suddenly lost momentum.

My book, Coach Momentum will teach you the four foundational principles of growing a highly successful coaching business with ease and joy…

It will give you assessments you can use to determine how (and if) these foundational principles are working in your business right now…

And it will help you put together a step-by-step, 12 week plan to bring in more clients, make a bigger impact for those clients, and put momentum in your coaching business with even less work than you’re doing now.

If you’re struggling to find momentum in your coaching business, don’t put this off!

Because you might just be 12 weeks away from the more predictable, consistent, and less time consuming coaching business you deserve.

PLUS: When You Get My Book

Coach Momentum

Today for $5, You’ll Also Receive These 3 Additional Resources for Free:

Bonus #1: Audiobook Version of Coach Momentum

Listen to Coach Momentum Wherever You Are On Any Device.

You don’t have to wait until you have the time to sit down and read to start growing your coaching business. Just press play on the audiobook version, and listen to the book as you commute to work or go out for a walk.

Get This Free Audio Version Of Coach Momentum When You Order the Book Today.

Bonus #2: Close Corporate Contracts: Step-By-Step Strategy Guide

Discover The Secret To Finding, Contacting, And Closing High-Paying Clients – Even If You’re Just Starting Out as a Coach.

Corporate leaders are busy, so it’s important to know what to do to convey the value of your services and share why you’d be a great fit to help them.

In this training, I’ll share how you can stand out in a potential corporate client’s inbox and ensure that you become the coach they hire. Just follow the simple steps to finding, contacting, and closing corporate clients in this training.

Get This Free Training for Closing Corporate Contracts With Your Copy of Coach Momentum.

Bonus #3: Success Interviews with a Million Dollar Coach

Want To See Exactly What It Takes To Grow A Million- Dollar Coaching Business From A Coach Who Did It?

Does growing a million-dollar coaching business take work? Yes. Does it need to take 70-hour work weeks and years of stress to make it happen? No.

In this Interview series, discover the secrets of growing a million-dollar coaching business, with topics including:

✓ How to Have Effective Conversations with High Ticket Buyers…

✓ How to Avoid Scope Creep and Resistance in Corporate Contracts…

✓ How to Get in the Door for Corporate Engagements…

If you want to grow your own million-dollar coaching business, the insights in this interview series by a coach who has done this will be incredibly valuable for you.

Get This Free Interview Series When You Purchase Your Copy of Coach Momentum.

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When you order Coach Momentum today, you’re protected by my 365-day, no-questions-asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

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And if you’re not satisfied with Coach Momentum and the complimentary bonuses listed above for any reason…

…please feel free to let me know with a quick email to concierge@quickstartintensive.com, and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

About The Author

Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC, is a business and executive coach, communication specialist, motivational speaker, and coach trainer. She collaborates with leaders and executive coaches to promote highly beneficial business outcomes.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in business management, financial planning, and higher education, Karen has brought a broad-based background to her coaching clientele.

Her book, The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You is an Amazon bestseller.

Some of Karen’s favorite things: essential oils, new electronic gadgets, her Marilyn Monroe Mont Blanc pen, French manicures, binge-watching Schitt’s Creek, fine dining with her sweetie, and traveling with her family and friends!

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