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Magnificent Coach,

If you need 10 hours of mentor coaching to receive or renew your credential with the ICF, I would love to support you on this!  Having a coaching credential gives you credibility with your clients and shows your commitment to professionalism.

Here is some information from the International Coach Federation (ICF) website regarding this type of mentor coaching:

"The ICF defines Mentor Coaching as providing professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency demanded by the desired credential level sought by a coach‐applicant (mentee). Furthermore, Mentor Coaching means an applicant (mentee) being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skill."

When you do your 10 hours of mentor coaching with me, here is what is included in the 4-month mentor coaching program: (It is required that you do this over a period of a minimum of 3 months, and I find that 4 months gives us more time to really integrate the learning.)

  • Review of the 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Review the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Self Assessment of the competencies;  Listening to your recorded coaching sessions (with your client’s permission) to identify your strengths, and blind spots as a coach;
  • Creation of specific action steps to hone and refine your core coaching competencies;
  • Acknowledgment of the coaching skills you have demonstrated;
  • Practical, and tested tools and templates for coaching and business building included as a self-study bonus (see the full description here: www.fillyourcoachingpracticewithease.com, value:$597)

What makes mentor coaching with me unique is that it is completely strength-focused. We will look at the competencies that you want to strengthen and will build on what you are already good at. Together, we will work toward a your next level of excellence.

Cricket Wingfield MD

​Karen's expertise shines through every session

I came to Karen as a mentor coach in preparation for my PCC application. I hadn't planned on getting her help on my brand. Although I have only been working with Karen for a short time, she has already had a huge influence on how I view my niche and coaching practice. Her style is more conversational than "coachy", and her expertise shines through in every session. She is a treasure among coaches, being both authentic and personable. She is a great wealth of knowledge and has vast experience.

Cricket Wingfield, MD
Personal Success​ Coach
Portland, OR

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Fotini Chasioti

Lots of takeaways from my sessions

I had first heard about Karen Cappello when I attended ICA. Then a friend of mine from Egypt had told me she was very pleased with one of Karen’s group coaching programs, which I joined. I then began coaching one-on-one with Karen.

First of all Karen is very friendly, in a professional way. She creates a space that makes you feel very comfortable. I had requested targeted, laser coaching and during these sessions I would get a lot of takeaways. I feel that “ease and joy” is exactly what happens in Karen’s coaching sessions. It’s with ease, but not easy.

Karen has a unique talent for coaching in a calm and easy going way, while at the same time she’s very good at challenging you. She has a great intuition so she understands more than what you say, which is another beautiful characteristic of Karen. She is wonderful at setting and respecting boundaries.

Karen is always joyful and energetic, and she’s the coach I turn to whenever I need coaching.

Fotini Chasioti, ACC
Conscious Biz
Samos, ​Greece

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Suzanne McFarlin

​I can now see possibilities in a much bigger way​

Karen has an amazing way of inspiring, while guiding me to gaining new perspective. She has been artful in helping me to see my self-imposed limitations and also see the possibilities in a much bigger way. She gave me a confidence boost. She helped me remember how much I love the work I do and the value I offer to my clients.

Suzanne McFarlin, BCC, PCC
Executive and Leadership Coach
Tucson, AZ

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According to the Association of Accredited Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and the ICF, here are the duties of a mentor coach:

  1. Model effective initiation and contracting of client relationship

  2. Explore fully with a potential mentee what they are looking to achieve

  3. Ensure both are clear about the purpose of the mentoring
  4. Establish measures of success in partnership with the mentee

  5. Fully discuss fees, time frame, and other aspects of a Mentor Coaching relationship

  6. Inform the mentee regarding all aspects of the ICF Code of Ethics

  7. Inform the mentee of the availability of the Ethical Conduct Review Board

  8. Support mentee self‐confidence by encouraging potential mentees to interview more than one mentor coach candidate in order to find the best match

  9. Make no guarantee to the mentee that as a result of the mentoring the mentee will obtain the credential level s/he is seeking

  10. Focus on core competency development by reviewing and providing oral and/or written feedback on a series of the mentee’s coaching sessions. These sessions are to be conducted one at a time, with a feedback session between each one, giving enough time between sessions to allow for incorporation of the mentee’s learning and development.

  11. Provide specific verbal and/or written feedback, using targeted examples from the sessions so that:
    a. The mentee will know exactly what s/he is doing well.
    b. The mentee understands what needs to be done to develop a deeper level of mastery in coaching.

  12. Demonstrate that s/he is learning about the mentee at many levels at once and is able to hold all of that in the context of:
    a. Who the mentee is
    b. What the mentee is seeking
    c. Honoring the mentee’s unique style

The pricing for this program reflects the fact that there are fees involved with the ICF, and this is a 10-hour only program, with no email or laser coaching needed.  The investment is $2200.  There is also a payment plan option.

$2200 Full Pay Option

Installment program - 3 monthly payments of $800

I hold a few spots open for this type of coaching, and preference is given to former students.  To find out if we are a good fit for this type of mentor coaching, send me an email to karen@karencappello.com, and I'll send you a link to my calendar.  I'd love to connect with you!

Love and great joy,
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P.S.  I acknowledge you for your commitment to the coaching profession, Magnificent Coach!

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